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Feminists Hit Back on Anti-Mom Amenities Implemented by the...DNC

Happy Jake Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 8:06 AM
Ah, the pro-woman Democratic Party. Hey, ladies (I'm referring to those of you on the Left, you true ladies on the right can ignore this) just remember one thing, the Catholic Vote used to be reliably Democrat, too. Just look at how they've treated us. What makes you think you're any different?

Famous feminists aren't too happy with what they're calling "anti-mom" policies at this year's DNC convention in Charlotte. The National Organization for women is accusing DNC officials of implementing rules that treat mothers of younger children as second class citizens.

"Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women. It's both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist," activist Gloria Steinem said in a release.

The group of southern California chapters of NOW are pointing to the lack of childcare at...