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Neville Chamberlain, you have a call on line one. Neville Chamberlain, line one, please. Edouard Deladier, Edouard Deladier, you are wanted at the front desk. Edouard Deladier to the front desk, please.
goldilocks wrote: "Explain how socialism is economically, politically or religiously evil." Socialism is the forcible taking of one man's property (his money, by taxes) for the purpose of giving it to another man. Socialism requires the government to decide who is worthy of receiving property and who must give up their property, a decision which is made almost arbitrarily. That is theft, which is evil. Socialism allows the uncharitable to fool themselves into thinking that they are charitable by supporting socialism. That is a lie, which is evil. Socialist theory relies on people coveting others' goods, and rewards the covetous by not requiring them to earn their keep. That is envy and sloth, both of which are evil. Socialism reinforces the idea that all people, regardless of whether they earn it or not, are entitled to material wealth, and, more specifically, to other people's material wealth. That is greed, which is evil. Socialism acts as an enabler of the sins of envy, sloth, and greed. That is scandal, which is evil.
Bill Clinton, Kennedy,...
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How to Win the Assisted-Suicide Debate

Happy Jake Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 7:56 AM
Euthanasia - the natural consequence of a pro-abortion culture. Life is neither sacred at its beginning nor its end, and, thus, it is not sacred at any point. If you combine legal euthanasia, and legal abortion, and government-controlled healthcare (and its associated rationing), you have the potential for an evil regime that kills the inconvenient to save money.
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A Victory for Iran

Happy Jake Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 7:35 AM
All I have to say about "Historic" breakthroughs is this, the following events were also "historic": The Fukoshima Earthquake and Tsunami The Haiti Earthquake The Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami 9/11 Challenger and Columbia The Teheran Embassy Hostage Crisis The Vietnam War JFK's assassination The Korean War China's "Great Leap Forward" World War II The Holocaust The Great Depression The Hoover Administration The Dust Bowl The Spanish Flu pandemic The Bolshevik Revolution World War I McKinley's assassination Teapot Dome Lincoln's assassination The Civil War The Buchanan Administration 1812 (and not the Overture) The Black Plague (and plenty of others)
Sticker shock is about the only shock that works on most people. If something doesn't affect THEIR wallets, then it "doesn't affect them." That's how the Left wins. They play to the selfish, materialistic side of humanity, and a majority of us (as evidenced by the philosophy of our current President) hold the opinion that "if it doesn't hurt me and it helps someone else, I'm all for it." When the reality (failure) of a program doesn't hurt either (like welfare programs keeping people in poverty, but not obviously tied to tax increases) no one notices. Only when a program fails and it affects someone directly and negatively do they stand up and take notice. All of you who are surprised by the quagmire that is the Affordable Care Act, pay close attention: THIS IS HOW ALL ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS WORK - massive cost, massive inefficiency, little actual help for the target audience. Sure "help the poor" sounds good, but do you really expect the government - the people who allowed Matthew Bradley and Eric Snowden access to top secret information, the people responsible for Healthcare.gov, the people who trained and employ TSA agents, the people who spend $10,000 on a toilet seat, the people who ran the relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, the people charged with stopping the drug trade, the people who approved Fen-Phen, the people who oversaw the contract for the Boeing K-767 Tanker, the people who oversaw "Fast and Furious" - to distribute funds to the poor correctly?
As the bumper stickers say "You Can Keep the 'Change.'"
One prediction that will never come true: "But common sense is eventually going to prevail in this town..." (Senator Grassley) Sorry, Senator, but Common Sense hasn't prevailed in this town since man's memory runneth not to the contrary. Keep in mind that "this town" kept slavery legal for four score and 9 years after the country was started. "This town" has rubber-stamped every irresponsible handout in the last 90 years. "This town" gave the courts the power to overturn laws on a whim. "This town" is littered with people who thing higher taxes and more government spending and more regulation actually HELPS the economy. "This town" thinks that paying your credit card bills with another, larger credit card, then repeating the process, is a good idea. Stop me when the common sense comes in.
No, not stupid. Willfully dishonest. They don't WANT Texas women to "develop a little responsibility." The only stupidity among Leftist women is that Leftist sexual values (birth control, abortion, promiscuousness, gay privileges, etc.) have anything to do with the health, safety, or even pleasure of women. All of those policies are geared toward allowing men to take sexual advantage of women and lay all the responsibility for the consequences on the women's shoulders. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
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Random Thoughts

Happy Jake Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 5:36 AM
Agreed. They are probably the best material on this site on a regular basis (and I like most of the material on this site.)
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