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Brown Shirts at ECU

Happy Jake Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 3:23 PM
"Most politically active homosexuals seek to denounce what they perceive to be bigotry,..." And therein lies the root of the problem. They denounce PERCEIVED bigotry through actual bigotry. Not some "soft bigotry" like holding a private opinion, but hardcore, full-on, would-be-illegal-the-other-way-around bigotry. They advocate firing people who dare express a contrary opinion (Frank Turek). They advocate forcing religious organizations to either violate their principles or close (Catholic Charities Adoptions). They advocate witholding business licenses from legitimate companies because of their political views. All in the name of "tolerance" and "inclusion."

East Carolina University (ECU) has launched a new campaign that attempts to pressure employees to affirm homosexuality despite their religious and moral objections to the lifestyle. Couched in the language of safety and inclusion, the program promises to brand as intolerant those who refuse to accept the university's official position on matters of private sexual morality. This is especially problematic, given that ECU is a public university.

The campaign was launched with a profoundly unwise email, sent by university employee Summer Wisdom under the subject line "Gay? Fine by me." She begins:

"This spring the LGBT Resource Office (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual...