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5 Things Americans Shouldn't Take for Granted

Happy Jake Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 6:28 AM
"To us, a democratic form of government may seem like the natural order of things, but only 45% of the world's population currently lives in a free nation." More to the point, when we became independent the world hadn't seen anything like a fully representative government in nearly 2,000 years. The closest were the parliamentary monarchies in (for example) England, where the King still held immense real authority (unlike today where the monarch is wholly ceremonial). There will always be tyrants who come to power to rule and dominate rather than lead and serve, and to say that it can't happen here is to be blind to what's already happening.
"Those among us who are constantly rhapsodizing about 'change' in vague and general terms seem to have no fear that a blank check for change can be a huge risk in a world where so many other countries that are different are also far worse off." -- Thomas Sowell

The reason people who are knowledgeable about our nation’s history are so concerned with following the Constitution, sticking to traditions, and safeguarding our rights is that our country's success is not the rule. For all the bitter railing you hear against "1%ers," if you're living in modern day...

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