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The Great Tax Divide

HappiR Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 10:18 AM
Of course, Libs, Progressives, Dems, the MSM - but I repeat myself - don't want high tax rates in order to optimize economic growth. They want to punish the wealthy. They don't believe anyone should be allowed to make that much money - that's their whole point.
There was a time when Democrats and Republicans alike could talk sense about tax rates, in terms of what is best for the economy, without demagoguery about "tax cuts for the rich."

Democratic presidents Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy spoke plainly about the fact that higher tax rates on individuals and businesses did not automatically translate into higher tax revenues for the government. Beyond some point, high tax rates on those with high incomes simply led to those incomes being invested in tax-free bonds, with the revenue from those bonds being completely lost to the government -- and the investments lost...