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More ObamaCare Unintended Consequences

Hannah9 Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 1:31 PM
I predict that off shore hospitals will spring up in places like The Bahamas where American doctors will provide services for cash. Americans with money will go there, kind of like Canadians with money now come to America for serious operations. What is left in American hospitals for a doctor force will be a bunch of third worlders, like those in Britain that did the airport bombing. Thanks B.O.
rivenburg Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 1:35 PM
Already happening in Mexico. Has been for decades.
I know several American Dr's who have clinics down there.

It's a bad day to be one of the (dwindling number of) women of childbearing age in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  

A southwestern Pennsylvania hospital will stop delivering babies after March 31 because its obstetricians are either leaving or refocusing their practices, and because hospital officials believe they can't afford it based on projected reimbursements under looming federal health care reforms.
. . .

Hospital officials say the population of women of child-bearing age is dropping and that the number of births the hospital would be called upon to perform isn't enough for it to provide the service in the...