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My husband works longer hours in a more stressful job, and so he makes more than I do. Will lowering his pay help our family? No. Not even if they raise mine. Count on it, there will be a cost for the bureaucracy involved here. We will all lose, except of course the lawyers and bureaucrats.
Curious how Luis will feel when folks from India and China and Nigeria vastly outnumber Latinos coming into the country. You may see him change his tune. "Not those other groups, just my group needs free admission to America."
USIP? United States Independence Party, similar to UKIP in the United Kingdom?
Or we can help them make this happen. Ban any federal aid to any campus of the University of California System or any student attending any of these schools.
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The Asian Diaspora From the GOP

Hannah9 Wrote: Feb 09, 2015 2:04 PM
One issue that Asian Americans are NOT on board with the Democrats is quotas for college admissions. The University of California at Berkeley is now over half Asian and Asian American, well above their share of the overall population. When black and Latino lawmakers filed legislation to force quotas based on population numbers, the Aisan lawmakers got an ear full from their constituents. Suddenly they started talking and voting like Republicans. I guess it matters whose goose is being cooked.
The U.K. could use another Charlie. Charles Martel. He drove the Moors out of France and with the momentum change they were eventually driven out of Iberia. Drive the Islamists out of the U.K. and for that matter, out of Europe and the West. Wherever they go there is violence, almost always started by them. Maybe the West could trade them for the Arab Christians.
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Borrowed Valor

Hannah9 Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 3:14 PM
Well yeah, per the American Heritage Dictionary. But per the Derfel Dictionary a hero is someone who does not work for a living but sits around in coffee shops all day, talking with other liberals about how things should be and how the world owes them a living. Same thing in the evenings except he is then in a bar, babbling on and on about the same nonsense.
Actually, all of the Texas schools on the F list are overwhelmingly minority schools. The folks in the El Paso video don't seem to understand where the funds come from to support those schools. I am curious if my children could attend public schools for free if I moved to Mexico.
Congratulations, Little Debbie. On this one issue, you appear to have a keen grasp of the obvious. That is one. But it is a start. Keep trying.
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Hannah9 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 12:32 PM
So now the only group that is not given preferential treatment is straight white males. After this goes through, everyone will be given preferential treatment except straight white non-Arab males. Sounds like discrimination to me.
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