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I propose an exchange. The West takes in the Christians in the Middle East, and escorts the Muslims infesting their lands back to the Middle East where they belong. Seems like a win - win. Christians are safe in the West and Muslims get to live under Islamic rules. Then cut off immigration of Muslims to the West.
I kind of like the idea of these pied pipers gathering up the Muslims in the U.K. and ushering them off to the battle field. I just wish they would include the families of the terrorists too. Then we carpet bomb them and the world is a better place. By the way, we should always refer to them as ISIS, since Isis was the goddess of slaves and sinners in Egyptian mythology. I am sure these Islamic "purists" must love the designation.
Maybe we should plant IEDs and land mines along the border, with signs in English and Spanish, warning of them (but not exactly where) and let the chips fall where they may. Do NOT print the signs in Arabic, Farsi or Somali.
NPR doesn't know Shinola from a hole in the ground.
Not only are they entitled to the same resources as the children of tax paying citizens, they get an additional advantage over most of our kids: They are classified as protected group members. So they get special rights and privileges. How cool is that... for them. Kind of sad to see our own government side with foreign invaders over its own taxpayers.
Abu Bakr "Big Daddy" al-Baghdadi is a putz. Cannot B.O. spare one drone to take him out?
How about we just usher all the Muslim Palestinians in Gaza into Egypt and those in Judea and Samaria into Jordan. Let the Arabs take care of the Arabs. The Christians could stay and work within the newly expanded borders of Israel. Plenty of room in Arab Muslim lands for these wonderful Arab Muslims. And just think of all the ways they can contribute to their new Islamic societies.
I would say the same thing to Redford that he and the left like to say to the hard working taxpayers of America: "Shut up and pay your taxes!"
Harry will refuse to let it or anything the House passes even get a hearing in the Senate. Then B.O. can blame the "do nothing" Congress and Dems can run on that.
I suggest everyone step away from the fan. Something is fixin' to hit it. Whew!
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