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The Gay Takeover of America

Hannah53 Wrote: May 09, 2013 8:29 PM
Crystal isn't talking about equal rights. She believes in them. She's talking about the gay lobby that is promoting the gay agenda and demonizing Christians. Gays want to rearrange the world to suit their needs. Crystal is classy and telling the truth.
a Concerned American Wrote: May 09, 2013 10:51 PM
What a deluded moonbat you are, to be in denial of the obvious. You want to force your deviant behavior on the rest of society. "Equality" for you is nothing more than a code word for dominance and supremacism. It's the same game the Islamic supremacist lobby is playing, by seeking to force their values on everyone else and then screaming "bigot" and "-ophobe" anytime anybody fights back against them.