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Before he was president, Obama had only been a senator for a short time. He had no real experience to qualify him for the job, and he did not have a single accomplishment in his entire life. When it comes to being president, every action he takes shows that he has no idea what to do. Why did we elect this man?
Will, Will, Will, gays like you are the ones who are spewing venom. You scream hate, hate, hate but the all the hate comes from you. P.S. The Crusades were a long time ago.
Gays never care about anyone other than themselves. Allowing religious groups to get funding helps children. Excluding religious groups hurts children. Gays think they can force gay marriage on the rest of the country, but the pro gay marriage decisions are simply wrong. The fight is not over, and the decisions will be reversed in the future. There is nothing the constitution about gay marriage.
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Obama: Troll Hard With a Vengeance

Hannah53 Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 5:56 AM
The house could impeach the president, but it takes two-thirds of the senate to convict him. It is not a simple majority. It is two-thirds. That will not happen. Impeaching the president would cause even more harm to this country. Obama doesn't care if he harms this country, but conservatives should.
They cannot argue; they simply curse.
You simply make a statement and don't back it up. Who is dumb in this case?
Nonsense! And you know it. There is no such thing as a gay friendly Bible.
No! Not a good idea.
When you thought that this administration couldn't get any dumber, they show us up. There is stupid, and there is stupid. Then there is the Obama Administration's version of stupid. These people are morons.
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Our Arrogant President

Hannah53 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 10:02 AM
Obama knows how to campaign and raise cash. The actual work of governing bores him. He likes to party. He had no accomplishments before he was elected. His only accomplishments since being elected are to increase poverty, make the country look weak, and wreck the economy. While many ordinary people wonder how they are going to survive, Obama spends huge amount of our money having fun.
Will is it you again? Don't you ever get tired of lying and trying to change the topic. The topic is Obama.
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