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How about presidents? Or don't they count. By-the-way, Perry didn't break the law. However, the DA did.
The point is that he was NOT the innocent kid that is portrayed in the press.
Janice you are playing the Alinsky game. Shame on you! You are simply a troll.
You make no sense. This country is deeply in debt, and we don't have enough money to give our citizens the services they need. Where does the money for the illegals come from? You can't pull it out of the air.
There was a supreme court decision in 1982 that said states had to educate illegal children. Some states have passed laws that limited this. It's a complicated issue.
Your post does not make sense!
How do you know? Did you ask them?
Mary, you keep saying that Texas will become Democrat. Are you a troll?
And no one was insulted. Did you read the article?
Stop race baiting. No one insulted anyone. You are writing nonsense. It is a fact that you cannot get a good job in this country without being fluent in English.
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