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Did the Left Create Chris Dorner?

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 9:38 AM
He was there for less than five years. He could not cut it and they fired him. He saw the inside of a squad car and the inside of a conference room where it was determined he was found wanting. That is what he saw from the inside.
kmiller469 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 5:41 PM
come on, man, the principle characteristic of a liberal is anything they say is truth and anything a non-liberal says is evil and a lie. Anyone or any organization that requires honor, courage, and character (such as boys scouts, military) MUST be fixed by liberals......meaning they must sodomize the offending person or group into compliance. Currently the constitution, the tea party, football, and any man who holds the term "metro" in disdain requires sodomizing until they wave a rainbow colored flag and present their rear for inspection for every passing liberal......twits.
kmiller469 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 5:36 PM
yeah, and liberalism is the most prevalent illness...... epidemic, really......
kmiller469 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 5:34 PM
ONLY if he was telling the truth. That said, if a man has no more character than to kill the daughter of a man that he disagreed with, how can I trust his word on anything? If he was truly worthy of the "hero" label you lefties give him, he would have walked up to the people he claims were dishonest and whipped their AXXes like a man instead of shooting them like a coward. He had no honor....period....and getting to die on his own terms is a privilege he did not deserve.
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 4:41 PM
THREE civilian witnesses testified under oath that there was NO assault, as alleged by Dorner.

You are assuming that he was telling the truth. Have you stopped to think that maybe he was not?
abaptism Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:36 PM
you sound like the exact kind of cop or military type I outline
abaptism Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:35 PM
LAPD is its own worst enemy.... they kill too many dogs...

America is at a tipping point ... too many of us have seen corrupt cops, sadistic prison guards.... out of control pathologies from returning military...

this is a sick society.... and our enforcement class preys on us... and we are too afrraid to fight back...

I admire Dorner.... sorry.... he lived and died for what he believed was evil.

And what I've seen of cops??? --- bad to the bone.
Achturrian Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 1:08 PM
Dorner is a murderous basterd period..........
Achturrian Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 1:07 PM
S T F U cream of sumyunguy, you are a tool of the left.
midfielder2 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 12:28 PM
Go to hell scumbag. I hope that Dorner burned to death rather than getting shot and that goes for you too. Basturd.
justsomeguy151 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 11:49 AM
You are a LIAR or just stupid. He reported police brutality and was punished for it and the officer he ratted out was promoted. He had every right to hate the hopelessly corrupt LAPD. I notice this article said NOTHING about the innocent civilians attacked during this BS manhunt even tho they didn't resemble Dorner in any way shape or form. I notice yr lying disingenuous a-ss omitted it too.
Last week, former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner went on a murderous rampage throughout Southern California, shooting seven people, including five members of law enforcement, killing three. Before he went on his spree, Dorner wrote a manifesto praising liberal policies on gun control, media personages including Piers Morgan and Chris Matthews and politicians including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But the bulk of Dorner's manifesto centered on his hatred for the police department from which he had been fired in 2009. He claimed in the manifesto that the LAPD "has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten...