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I did not say they were heroes. But I still appreciate their service and I tell them so. Masciotra is upset that some people are worthy of admiration and that he is not one of them.
You are correct about individual responsibility. However, when the banker or the kid mounting tires in the shop down the street are at work, there are other people who have a responsibility to deter criminals from breaking in to his house/apartment/condo/yacht. And they have the responsibility to investigate the crime, identify and apprehend the criminal and bring them before the court for trial. If you want to take on that burden yourself, have at it.
Back it up tex. What makes you think that I am not armed? My point is that Masciotra has an inflated sense of self worth and is upset that there are people who are worthy of admiration and that he is not one of them.
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Repealing the First Amendment

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 2:04 PM
Buffet is taking advantage of the left's disdain for oil. The left does not want the pipeline. But the left DOES want trains. And Buffet owns a railroad, so he gets a pass from the left. It makes good business sense for Buffet to stall the pipeline as he gets good PR and he makes money from shipping oil by rail. Yes he is a hypocrite and no he does not care.
The peacock flag officers of bho's military can hardly be called heroes. But the PV2 kid who cooks the breakfast for the photo interpreter that analyzes thousands of photos for potential targets has done his part to keep you safe. So don't discount the gang in the engine room that makes the boat go.
For those who believe Mr. Masciotra, next time you are the victim of a crime, or your daughter is attending college on an island that is taken over by some commie thugs, call a journalist. Apparently they are the heroes of today. Or when your house is on fire. Or you slip and fall down the stairs. Fire fighters and medics are probably not worthy of admiration either. Yup. Your freedom and safety is guaranteed by the Huffington Post, Salon and Newsweek. Oh yeah, I forgot, Newsweek is not really around anymore.
Don't get your panties in a wad because of anything Ron Fournier says.
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You Lie!

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 11:59 AM
I would not believe bho if he said "Hello."
Ask Lyndon Baines Johnson.
Anyone named Bush = Immediate and utter GOP loss. Sorry, but the name is absolute poison to the media. No matter how decent a person Jeb may be.
Please draft Abortion Barbie.
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