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Take another bong hit and get back to us.
Do people still actually buy Time magazine?
Rahm Emmanuel and Eric Holder are interchangeable leftists. You will not find an appreciable difference in the beliefs of either one.
Actually Michael Brown's encounter started because he was walking down the middle of the street. The robbery of the convenience store had not been broadcast at that point. Officer Wilson told Michael Brown to move out of the street. Wilson did not know about the robbery. Brown did. Officer Wilson did nothing to provoke a violent response. Michael Brown died because of his actions.
Jesse Jackson used to say "We lost more blacks to dope than to the rope". Then he became a full time politician/shakedown artist. We need more black leaders who LEAD rather than foment discord.
Jeff, please re-read the post. He did NOT call Michael Brown a murderer. He was writing about the tendency of parents who advocate violence spawning children who become murderers.
Nominating Lindsey Graham will ensure that Hillary or Fauxcahontas or anyone else will be the next President. Lindsay Lohan would make a better nominee.
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