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Fighting Without Silver Bullets

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 11:33 AM
God bless the nation and the people of Israel.
I don't recall the Vikings doing a lot of "escaping". Usually the people they encountered were the ones that tried to flee.
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The Day Nixon Told the Truth

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 10:01 AM
In the interest of accuracy, President Nixon did not fly off in Marine One. The aircraft was clearly marked US ARMY. Otherwise this was an excellent column.
OK Flattus, how do we go back to not invading the wrong country in the FIRST place?
"LOL. "Body language". More stupidity from the Monday morning armchair generals." This from a Tuesday morning PVT.
Lyndon Baines Johnson and Robert Strange McNamara also began their watch in Viet Nam by engaging the enemy incrementally. That way the Viet Cong and later the NVA had an opportunity to prepare for US action. And we all know how well that worked out. Stop screwing around. You either go in to accomplish an objective or you stay out. Even a Junior High football team puts a complete team on the field. bho's previously stated "Responsibility to Protect" was obviously for show.
I think Dave actually believes it. Lady Gaga has more cojones than bho.
Another example of the tolerance of the lgbt crowd.
Russell - put down the bong.
NATO consists of a number of military forces of varying degrees of proficiency, and the United States. Without the US, NATO really cannot conduct military operations on a large scale as they lack the logistical assets. Many of their weapons systems are obsolete and all of their weapons are few in number. The NATO member nations long ago began to rely on the US for their security. And now we have bho as POTUS. He has turned the Whitehouse into the waffle house. Do not expect any message of strength or resolve, let alone any real support, from the US until January 20, 2017.
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Obama’s Bush Complex

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 11:35 AM
Even Carter looks good in comparison.
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