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Riffraff, you are advocating actually teaching students something useful That would reduce the time available to teach them what a horrible nation we are.
"Schools know their student population better than some government agency does. School lunches should be up to local control, not subjected to arbitrary guidelines." Do you mean to say that Michelle the Magnificent might not be all knowing and all seeing? Stand by to get audited. Such heresy cannot be tolerated.
So the hand wringers be given a pass by forcing the non-handwringers to pay for their generosity of spirit? Why is it that virtually everyone in favor of obamacare wants an exemption from it?
bho will, at some point, read about it in the newspapers and be appropriately angry.
I would not bet on the snowball.
By current law the guns may be "curios and relics" but the law could be changed by a gun grabbing legislature. Or a gun grabbing prosecutor may order them confiscated and the owners charged with a crime. It could take years before the case is resolved and the owners could be bankrupted by legal fees.
Walker, Cruz, Perry, Palin, Kasich etc Any of the above, and many others would be a huge improvement from what we have now.
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