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He has a pen and a phone!
If you refuse to make a decision, you will never make a bad decision. Vote present if you have to vote at all. And don't miss your tee time.
Summed up nicely. Sarcasm font off.
So is the Navy endorsing soap and shampoo? After all, they are provided for the use of the guests.
So they cannot envision winning decisively. Therefore all they see is a long protracted war in which they want to be seen as being "fair".
The top brass of bho is not the same as the top brass of Reagan or even the top brass of GWB. bho is firing as many warriors as possible. The surviving flat officers are strutting peacocks and hand wringers. So they cannot envision winning decisi
Is John McCain President? McCain can talk, he can recommend he can do any number of things, but he cannot authorize selling weapons to anyone. bho is POTUS and this took place under his watch.
Agreed. They subscribe to the idea of Taqqiya. The koran says it is OK to lie to further the cause.
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Fighting Without Silver Bullets

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 11:33 AM
God bless the nation and the people of Israel.
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