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As Blizzard Nemo Strikes, Global Warming Won’t Be Far Behind

Hamilcar Barca Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 12:06 PM
Do something completely out of character. Read some history of the earth. Pay attention to the parts about massive continental glaciation. Also pay attention to the parts about extreme warm periods. And pay attention to the geological record of changing oxygen/carbon dioxide levels. Then realize that most of these drastic changes took place before the first "man" arose in Africa. Then get over yourself. The effect we have is small potatoes compared to the forces of nature.

Blizzard Nemo is bearing down on the Northeast- hence the term nor’easter to describe it- so prepare for the folks at Fashion Week, now being held in New York City, to be out in force battling the storm.

“The organizers of New York's Fashion Week,” reports the CSMonitor,  “a closely watched series of fashion shows held under a big tent – said they will have extra crews to help with snow removal and will turn up the heat and add an extra layer to the venue.”

We can only hope that they wear furs.

Because we’ll need blizzards of hilarity...

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