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The IRS considers you guilty before innocent during an audit. I agree with Esther46. Make these corrupt morons prove their innocence, or fry them.
I couldn't have explained the current situation any better. You are spot on with your comment.
I think it is time to cancel the congressman's current insurance policy because his employers believe they can no longer afford their current policy under Obamacare. After checking current congressional session calender, it has been determined that the amount of days and hours worked by these employees does not qualify them as full time employees. Therefore, they must now purchase their healthcare plans under the individual mandate or risk paying a substantial penalty. NO exceptions.
I am so tired of these politicians telling me what I will like about this law. This is like beating a dead horse.....repeal the law already and have those who voted for it pay the insurance and or medical coverages for those who have been dropped as a result of this law. Own your mistake, Democrats. In other words.....show how "fair" a Democrat is by taking care of the poor and misguided with all that fundraising Obama seems to devote so much time to.
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To Each According to His Disability

Hambone763 Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 11:54 PM
They already do and their remedy is affirmative action.
With all of Juan's cheer leading for this president and his policies, it makes me wonder if he is just fantasizing for a job as a possible replacement for the inept Jay Carney when The One decides Carney is no longer of use to him.
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