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While they are voting on Lois' fate, vote on Eligah's too.
You must have read a comment I made on Yahoo yesterday on this subject. Agree totally and completely!
If that was the director of the Heartland Institute who did that. Those people of the libertard persuasion would still be trotting around with his head on the end of a pole doing a "cold dance!" Instead this goon is allowed to go on doing what he does with only a short "time out". Something that is appropriate to a third grader. Oh, that's right, to believe in this junk, is something being pushed on our third graders!
It is still overbearing for the government to mandate the wearing of seat belts,purchasing of health insurance or any other behavior. We need to elect people who will look for ways to legislate more personal freedom which, in itself, restricts the government even more. Guns will never go away and they will always be popular because it is the great equalizer. Kids need to be taught to respect human life, but not in a way that turns them into "wussies".
What is happening is the wussification of America by the libertards. They were brought up by their pacifist mamas and papas who smoked pot all day and now want the same for all. Anyone in authority who really thinks a 5 year old gill talking about a bubble blowing gun is a real threat and boys playing "cops and robbers," a long term game staple of boys for generations, is a threat and should be removed immediately for incompetence and never allowed around our children again! In fact, treat them like sex offenders and have them registered as idiots.
The Republicans need to stand their ground. No debt ceiling increase without spending cuts! In fact, the best thing to really do is come up with a balanced budget for the Senate, whom's Social Democrats have not passed a budget in four years and tell them that we have a budget and force them into an up or down vote. Then loudly and proudly tell the American people that they refuse to do what most every American family does--Live Within Their Means!
All this secrecy of mental health issues in people is the result of the HIPPA law that forbids the revealing of health information, including mental health, with anyone. The original intent was to prevent past information from being used to keep someone from getting a job, promotion, etc., but as usual, with the liberals and the government, they are using a sledge hammer when a fly swatter would do nicely. The practice of not telling about the individual's mental health issues even applies to their families. Treatment facilities use this to the point they won't tell what treatment is given even to those responsible for payment. To that I said, "Unless you tell, I don't pay." They told.
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ObamaMiles Tax Coming Soon

haloperidal Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 7:28 AM
As far as the government is concerned, I just won't drive.
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It's a Christie Thing

haloperidal Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 7:23 AM
I went to New Jersey twice one time. Found the people to be arrogant and pompous. Not friendly at all and with a superior attitude. In fact they were such butts that it could not come naturally! This attitude has to be taught them in their schools. If the whole state had been washed away in Hurricane Sandy, little of redeeming value would be lost.
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The Role of 'Educators'

haloperidal Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 9:13 AM
True. A citizen can no longer call what they see as a spade, a spade. Political correctness has run amok! We can no longer call someone mentally retarded, a term that replaced moron, imbicile, idiot due to being not as bad as the old language. It boils down that educators are leading the charge toward the wussification of America and it is now unacceptable when we commit our military to go after total victory due to the wussified rules of engagement.
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