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No, those were Ratsmussen and RCP. These polls were the ones Republicans all said were +9 D. Turns out, the whole country is +9 D.
The Chinese have an aircraft carrier? OMG, we are DEFENSELESS. We only have 65 carrier groups, and twelve nuclear submarines, and now this? Frightening, (to CONservatives).
I wouldn't knowingly hire a CONservative. They are usually the ones who insist on taking their scheduled breaks no matter what is going on. They also have that, "I'm a Christian, so I'm better than you" attitude.
Pardon me,but I see Russo above is all about equality. He's the CONservative. I'm for regulated free markets
JasonCharleston Wrote: 19 minutes ago (1:02 PM) Moderate and Haliburton. Raise your hand if you have a lobbyist group. Because I don't and I know who wins the Washingtonian political game. Jason, I'm not sure I understand. You know that lobbying is protected by the 1st amendment right? So are you saying that we should do away with it because it's not fair? Who lobbies for you and me? Well, when you come up with a constitutional way to stop it, let us know. Until then, Corporations United is the law of the land, and buying legislation is LEGAL. Get on the train and get yourself a K Street lobbyist.
It's important when being a Republican to have NO MEMORY. That way every failed idea sounds like a new idea, and when Republicans who ran everything from 2001 to 2007 break the country, you can just pretend they didn't do anything. Having a memory would mean never voting for Republican failure again. Most of America remembers. So forty years from now...
And you're really quick on your feet too.
Why do you hate capitalism? The "Job Creators"?
Republicans ran the Big Show for SIX years. And they balanced the budget how many times?
There's only ONE seed company left. Guess who it is? They were allowed to buy all the competition by Republican law changes. But Republicans think competition is a bad thing. Remember when there used to be ten oil companies? Exxon and Mobil were separate, Pennzoil and Texaco? Phillips and Union 76? Corporations are people my friend,and marriage is a merger.
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