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A complete idiot.
Anyone who favors a flat tax plan that does not retire & buy-out all the fed tax employees and most of the civilian tax employees, is an idiot.
Clearly a case of Dumb & Dumber.
Apparently he has been totally manipulated by Putin. BUT,... Maybe what we see is all part of his master plan to simply muck up everything and everyone as much as he can...for he looks more and more like the anti-Christ every day.
GUY BENSON,... get a clue... The Democrat Party is NOT The Democrat-ic Party ! ! ! Don't flatter them needlessly. They are however, the insidious parts of: --Atheist-ic --Communist-ic --Socialist-ic --Progressivist-ic --Freedom Destroying ...and etc. AND, to make matter worse, if that's even possible, they're confident & doubtless (along with the MSM) when they are completely clueless. Are you too PC to call them what they are?
2024? Baloney! Even now there's only maybe 5% of the Democrat party that are REAL Christians or REAL Mormons, etc.
Extinct? Absolutely! The other side (including a world full of our foreign enemies) is poised to steal the election in dozens of ways that they have used previously and for which they have never been prosecuted or held even slightly accountable. --Stupid RINO Repubs & stay at home voters)!
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The Politics of St. Paul

Half-Smart Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 10:57 AM
TRUTH: If a government operates counter to the fundamental human rights of its citizens it is evil. Period. Make that fit.
We prolly don't want/need him...he'd just be another RINO. Give him a HARD test before accepting his advances!
Guy,... Get it though your head: Democrats are NOT democrat-ic! Get a clue! Quit complementing them... by calling them democrat-ic!
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