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Cliff is unhinged in my humble opinion.
How's the food at the nuthouse? Do you have a chair under the doorknob to keep the white coats out for just a few more minutes of super critical/hyper important typing?
Your answer is the classic response.If the muslim cultists [satanists] would stop killing innocents Israel would have no reason to attack anything.Liberals and islam actually make me think their is an actual devil and hell.
And the Palestinians place their rocket launchers next to Mosques,schools and hospitals,what then? Give up because of opinions of people like yourself?
If you will answer my question honestly you may wake up. If hamas [muslim bigots] laid down their arms do you honestly think Israel would continue attacking? If you say yes,you a hopeless fool.If Israel stopped retaliating,do think the hamas attacks would stop? Of course they wouldn't.
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