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When Government Can't Be Trusted

H. Terry Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 2:46 PM
6/11/13 The list of impeachable crimes committed by the Obama White House and administration grows longer every day. When will the Congress act to stop this reign of tyranny? H.T. Buchanan Glendale, CA
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Keeping Us Safe From Obama

H. Terry Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 2:39 PM
6/11/13 How soon will the avalanche of screams from U.S. citizens for a complete investigation of the Obama treasonous record on Benghazi be finished. It's 9 months of coverup so far. Clinton is still hiding along with her confederates.
You are watching Obama practice his Alinsky "Community Organizing" Socialism. His resume reveals the traitor to U.S. values he is.
Amen. Force the government shutdown now. HTB
You mean "abnormal people"!
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GOP Strategic Retreat?

H. Terry Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 5:49 PM
12/8/12 To 98Bravo: After reading a few of your posts, it is evident you hate the conservative America I grew up in - Kansas City, Iowa, Ohio. Yours is a very dismal attitude. Have you visited the Middle East, China or Russia? Your a Socialist - so admit it. Terry Buchanan
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The Dirty Little Secret of 2012

H. Terry Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 2:34 PM
11/14/12 Romney was a gentleman through most of the campaign. He needed to get more fired up in his last 30 days, especially to shame the White House, State Department, and MSM for its treacherous cover up of the Benghazi attacks. That tragedy will live in Obama infamy forever. Terry Buchanan
I agree. Pour it on, Mitt. Give a liar no quarter, but do it with style and grace. Like Reagan did about Mondale's youth and inexperience on the challenge of Reagan's age. Terry Buchanan
10/12/12 Ericynot: What is your answer to Eric Holder's admission of 9 DOJ attorneys who represented Gitmo detainees before joining the Obama administration? It' also clear that we have a few Muslim Brotherhood reps working in the State Department; Huma Abedin, for example, is Hillary Clinton's Chief Deputy. Great job Hillary was doing watching out for her Benghazi consulate Ambassador Stevens, wasn't it? He was murdered after repeatedly requesting more security for his consulate. These Obama hires should be fired fast! Terry Buchanan
10/10/12 Obama government has failed. "We got to let you go! " (Courtesy Clint "Make my Day") Eastwood. Treason (Benghazi murders scandal), and Fast & Furious Scandal should put the Dems away for a long time. These murders even trump being jobless if voters have an ounce of integrity left in their bones.
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