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Glamor Swims With Sharks at the Oscars

gypsyroseme2 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 3:43 PM
if you don't like what Hollywood puts out; write your own movies. Sick and tired of the complaints. if you don't want to see a film, don't buy a ticket. The award shows are for the folks who make movies, not the people at home watching.
mhood175 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 8:18 AM
What we don't like, toots, is michelle obombanation getting involved in the entertainment industry instead of keep her buck toothed, big butt back where it belongs -actually, I think all black trash needs to be in the ghetto, don't you? I think Rose has a comprehension problem as does the ovomits! And, Rose, if you are sick and tired of the complaints then stop reading these threads - its really rather simple! You are correct on ONE count - the award shows ARE for people in the movies so michelle baby should have kept her butt back in the WH basement!
rmccarthy Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 1:44 AM
It's all a part of the great variety of life...enjoy what you will and complain about what you want AND so will others.
Mag14 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 4:19 PM

I'm not seeing complaints in this column. You must be thinking of Bozell.

Conservatives usually have a few bones to pick with Hollywood over the Academy Awards. Not content with merely opening it, Hollywood pushes the envelope, often with questionable taste and mockery of common values.

Nevertheless, Washington and Hollywood are linked at the hip like Siamese twins. It's a love-hate relationship; one with changing party affections over the years. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan each sent greetings to the awards ceremony -- FDR by radio in 1941 and Ronald Reagan with videotape 40 years later. Both offered encouragement to one of our most popular cultural institutions.

The real stars, as both Hollywood...