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Video: Obama Peddles False Hope Over Janesville GM Plant in 2008

gyeager Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 2:35 PM
People proved how dumb they we're when they elected him over McCain. He's a rock star, and let's face it he's got the minority vote on lockdown. Lets pray the good old elderly get the GOP back in the white house!

Democrats and the media -- but I repeat myself -- have been up in arms over Paul Ryan's RNC speech last week, angrily accusing the Republican Vice Presidential nominee of "lying."  I've already addressed their principal complaints at some length (there's not much there), but one gripe in particular continues to linger.  Ryan, they say, wrongly blamed President Obama for the closure of a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin because the factory in question shut down under President Bush.  These contentions fail on several levels.  First and foremost, Ryan didn't attribute the plant's failure to Obama.  Here's what he...