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So how do you guys feel about the Dream Act after an incident like this? Sheesh.
It doesn't matter what he does, he is loved. Romney will never be loved because he enjoys eating his shoes more than he does appealing to mass groups of Americans. Obama is a rock star, get used to him for another 4 years.
I would have to assume at least half. We are currently polling.
Which leads to the question why is this flip flop necessary? Why do we have to have presidential candidates at war with women and gays? Why not keep those old policies and steal away some of those Democratic voters? Just seems silly to me, and old stuffy political platform full of holes.
Being a Republican myself I can't understand how the GOP gets such a bad rap with women, and can't get on board with gay marriage, abortion, etc. The Democrats may not always be right, but they sure understand that tolerance is the new civil rights movement, and they have droves of voters lining up to agree with them. Until we take this stance we won't be getting back into the white house.
People proved how dumb they we're when they elected him over McCain. He's a rock star, and let's face it he's got the minority vote on lockdown. Lets pray the good old elderly get the GOP back in the white house!
4 years was enough, hopefully that will be it..
Dethroning an incumbent president is nearly impossible, especially one that has been so wildly popular for the last four years (despite whether or not many of his former supporters don't like what he has done in office). I hate to say this but I think we're going to have to get used to this guy until 2016 (if we make it that far). Anybody think that Romney REALLY has a chance?
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Lies, Darned Lies and Marathon Times

gyeager Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 10:02 PM
Why don't some people like Paul Ryan? I don't get it.
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