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The Epic Meltdown of the Gun-Grabbers

gwyl Wrote: Sep 14, 2013 2:39 AM
G'Day. As for cries of'voter fraud' I've heard that mob know all about 'electoral fraud' because they commit all the time. Ray Steven's recons his grand father (who's been dead for years) voted D####### and his family isn't proud of that.
This is about the only accurate media report I've read about the situation here in Ausetralia.Our homocide rate hasn't gone down and most voilent crime has increased.I've survived 2 home invasions and attempts on my life by a career criminal the courts keep on releasing.Since 1996 some one killed 13 people by setting light to a building in Childers and there has been some other mass homocides as well.The land of 'walzing matilda' is being turned into another welfare,nanny,police,suicide state.The 'new totalitarians' have done enough damage here and even more to what used to be Great Britain.Don't let them destroy the 'land of the free and home of the brave'.
There was a time when the U.K. did have by far the worlds lowest homocide rate and home invasions,burgleries,armed robberies,muggings etc were all but non existant.This was when the only fire arm law they had was the original understanding of the 1689 constitution where citizens were to be armed and the government wasn't to be,which is why most British bobbies aren't armed to this day.Just over 2 generations of social engineering has turned what was once Great Britain into another welfare,nanny,police,suicide state.Trendy ideas on education have turned the schools into war zones and have put juvenile drug adddicts rapist and murders on the streets.What can to learnt from GB is how not to go about things.About the only thing that island...
I'm Australian and have witnessed first hand the ever increasing crime rate here.I've survived more than 1 attempt on my life by a nut case and career criminal the courts kept on releasing.We have an incompetent and abusive Police force that seem to cause more strife that it solves. The land of walzing matilda is being turned into another welfare ,nanny,police,suicide state.Don't let this happen to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The relevant facts are the overall homocide and assault rates and whether those crimes have gone up or down since certain legislation was introduced.
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