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That fine. If the results of "getting blamed" are the same as last time, the GOP will hold the w/h and veto proof majorities in both chambers.
Four aces does loose against five kings. There's always an extra king in some dems trunk next to the ballots.
How ironic that party of marx chooses the birthplace of freedom to have their manifesto party.
You shooter:
"left leaning"....whatTF are you on? They guy is an straight up communist.
No its not ok no matter how many times you try to say that we are saying it. My 6 year old has already given up the tu quoque fallacy. Give it up Gruber-ite.
Stop calling them democrats, they are communists.
Really Conn, you just figuring this out now? Where have you been the last 6 years? What in gods name has Obama done that would give you ANY clue that he would nominate anyone other than a ridged ideologue like himself?
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