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So by the judges rationalizing I can rob a convenience store and if I get caught all I need to do is promise I won't do it again and the case will be dismissed because i "rectified" my actions.
No Kay you stupid HOLE, we should have travel restrictions on ANYONE that has been in the hot zone with 30 days of trying to board a flight to the US or enter the US from anywhere.
With each passing day it becomes harder and harder to believe that the administration is not intentionally doing this to A: gain control over the healthcare system when it becomes overwhelmed (not that gov will do any better) and b: to suspend any elections to remain in control.
"...that a person be a citizen of both the U.S. and Arkansas." And how do you prove that without an ID?
"Nine State Gun GRAB Tour..." There, fixed it for you.
Andrew Branca over at Legal Insurrection gives a great legal analysis of this "unarmed" claim.
Sure it does. Lene Dunham is totally devoid of any intellect.
Their goal always was, is now, and always will be is the complete disarming of the US Citizens no matter what they tell you.
Bunch of useful idiots promoting their own downfall.
"(In one case, in Beaver County, it) cost the county about $13,000 in revenue," she said, because an employee was discounting permit costs for friends," This is bullsh't. In PA it cost $20 to renew a permit. Even if this "employee" gave away the permits that employee would have to let 650 people get by without paying anything. NOBODY would put their job on the line for 650 people.
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