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considering every poll out there says the left is going to lose more seats in the House and lose control of the Senate, are you seriously trying to tell the GOP it hurt them? LOL....they don't call you loisinfovoter for nothing.
what a disappointing toolbag this clown has become.
The Vineyard?
All this sounds like is a pile of redundant laws.
Ideally....yes. However the CRA of 1965 and the mentioned Voting Rights Act specifically require districts to be gerrymandered so as not to dilute the voting of minorities. The requirements are the sole reason the Dems even have shot in any election at all.
"The federal Voting Rights Act bars states from diluting the voting strength of minorities." IOW, the law REQUIRES districts to be gerrymandered.
No they weren't wrong....they lied.
No 'intentional' wrongdoing.
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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

gwsjr425 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 2:39 PM
She went to college and she doesn't know that a elected member of congress is not an immigration official? What are they teaching at ASU?
"I've studied scripture and I truly believe that Jesus is for justice for all people," Then please point to where in the "scripture" that Jesus advocating that government steal from those that have earned it and given to those that have not. Apparently Ms Cobb has missed the entire premise of Christianity's foundation being that of free will.
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