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What you are referring to is what Rush called "operation chaos" and it wasn't to stop Hillary, it was to continue her campaign and have the party spending money as long as possible.
That "get on the bandwagon" is exactly whey cheaters prosper.
Nothing wrong with making a living from someone willing to pay you.
Actually, there is a difference. Stand down means to cease all combat operations and readiness. Remain in place means soldiers are ready for battle and just await orders to proceed. In clear terms, there where combat ready rescue teams waiting, possibly on the tarmac in running helicopters ready to lift off, and where told to wait for some unknown reason. Imagine, you're ready to go rescue your fellow Americans being attacked and you're told to wait, all the while listening to it on radio.
This is old news: We already know no "stand down" order was given which is given when a threat has passed and to cease all combat operations. A "remain inplace" order is MORE damning. What this means is there was rescue teams waiting to go and where held back. For what reason they where held back reamains unanswered.
Yea, sure it is liar. You gonna tell us we can keep our plans to you pathetic piece of sh't
And this is what you offer, garbage, every time you open that ignorant hole on that stupid face.
You are not that far off. The most ardent supporters of abortion WILL NOT support any form of "born alive" legislation.
Big deal,the state is communist. You can't even hold a gun in a store without a g/d permit from the State.
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Thad Cochran's Voting-Rights Victory

gwsjr425 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 8:48 AM
UFB....what kind of left wing garbage is this? "A white GOP politician sought support among Democrats, and particularly black Democrats. And far from being politically powerless, they tipped the election." That "white GOP" candidate did what the left does....race baited. You're POS.
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