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We could take that out with a small drone.
Yes, Lets do it. Everyone's tired of the BS. Bring it on you 7th century morons.
Sir, you are a tactical genius.
".....When they try to come here, and they will.........." They are already here and just waiting for some tent dwelling, boy fu?ing, illiterate moron to give the word. If you are not armed, maybe you should be. If you are armed, maybe you need more ammo.
How about $2 billion to close the border. It's a permanent fix.
To the 44 percent of all respondents said they didn’t often feel proud to be American. How about either help us fix the Country or GTFO!
Human beings had to "Destroy" the emails. These would be IT people. Subpoena them and demand the truth under penalty of "indictment". Sit back and watch the facts pour out.
Trials, jail time, firing squads. That's what is needed.
"................neanderthal/conservative/right wing extremist........." That would look great on a campaign button. Or a bumper sticker.
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