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President scumwad never lets you down. IMPEACH.
Go ahead and let them ALL in. If NO ONE hires them, they will go home on their own. Let's call it "An executive order from We the People".
"Anyone who hands a machine gun to a 9 year old should not be allowed to reproduce." The same goes for anyone who thinks the left has the answers.
A young person introduced to something has no fear of it as an adult.
1) Thanks to the AP for this subtle piece of anti-gun propaganda. 2) Why is this article in TH, a decidedly conservative site?
But.................... We have windmills.
Finally, a plan that would work.
The Tea Party, of course.
When I was a kid most of my friends were Catholic. At the time they could not eat meat on Friday. None of the Protestants or Jews pressured them about their Religions dietary mandates. If muslums in America are this tight @ss about the way we conduct ourselves, perhaps a one way ticket to Iraq would suit them.
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