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When I was a kid most of my friends were Catholic. At the time they could not eat meat on Friday. None of the Protestants or Jews pressured them about their Religions dietary mandates. If muslums in America are this tight @ss about the way we conduct ourselves, perhaps a one way ticket to Iraq would suit them.
The banks holding this money need to transfer the funds to the Salvation Army. Talk about POed.
And so will he be.
Why is it that the Government can find a few bags of heroin in someones stomach but cannot find 20 million illegal aliens in plain site?
These clowns may have just messed withed the wrong Texan.
Bet you the not so grand jury is packed with leftists resembling pelosy, reid, durban, elija, and that kind of scum.
Many assclowns like this are soon to be "'Disrespected,' Or Something" in a way they will not soon forget.
After the election, if the gop takes the Senate, the zero should be impeached along with Holder and any other anti-American turd in the administration. If nothing else, it will tie up the administration for the remainder of Beelzebubs term.
prez douchewad has stated that many American Neighborhoods are "Too White". My guess is that is where the invading gangsters will be sent. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to defend what is yours. obama won't.
Attorney General Eric Holder said such policies “have a chilling effect on student enrollment, raising barriers for undocumented children and children from immigrant families who seek to receive the public education to which they are entitled.” What's wrong with that? They are NOT entitled to an education. The head of the DOJ is violating the law. Arrest the fool.
There's no excuse for excessive looting and burning either.
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