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president disgusting best leave the guns alone. Millions of American gun owners and their freedom loving non-gun owners will not wait for the speaker of the house to do something. Enough of this demonic basturd.
But did they say the state must treat them the same as citizens? So don't.
Arizona should do what the feds do. Ignore it.
We are already screwed. The GOP establishment is already pushing creeps like jeb, lindsay, romney, and this one's hilarious ... mccain. If we do not take over the GOP, freedom will just be a word from the past.
"Young immigrants........" How about calling them what they are? Foreign invaders of the MS-13 gang.
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There They Go Again

gwharpo Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 8:17 AM
""There are no existing eyewitness or contemporary accounts of Jesus." It will be hilarious watching these fools when they are standing before God.
"White House Calls Sony Hack "A Serious National Security Matter"" When did the apparently faulty security of a PRIVATE Corporation become a problem of the Federal Government? The White House should worry about IT'S servers, not Sonys.
The Death Penalty might just slow them down a little.
It would be no surprise to find president scumslime behind this. A great excuse for the government to demand a back door to every piece of electronics you own.
Income tax refunds delayed and now the Army reserve. It has the stink of obama all over it. The basturds in the White House are in full blown slash and burn mode and the GOP are grooming lindsy graham for a run at the WH.
Then which members of the zero administration get charged with conspiracy,illegal sale of firearms, coercion and aiding and abetting? NO, you cannot blame the gun dealers that you intimidated into being your accomplices.
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