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Here's the problem: Hamas and the Palestinian people are not one and the same. You say "well, they elected Hamas." Yes, but Hamas are TERRORISTS. They didn't make promises and hand out tiny flags to get votes, they used coercion. Also, no children voted for them, yet children and hospitals are being targeted indiscriminately by Israel. So these innocent civilians have no say. They don't even get to choose who will oppress them. Nothing is as simple as you make it out to be. Even "Israel" is too broad, because there's the Israeli people and the Israeli government. I may be a libtard, but I'm against the actions of the Israeli government. I understand that the people on both sides are scared and just want to live, but right now, today, the death toll is very lopsided. You like to say liberals are hate filled, some people crying anti-semitism, when you all are more than willing to say anything and everything under the sun about Muslims. To me this is about innocents vs. warmongers, and the warmongers are winning by a mile. Who do you want to stand with?
Yeah, lefties all over the place here calling Kerry "Lurch" and Obama "Obummer", "Obumbler", and "Ovomit."
On the contrary, you're just regurgitating what the article said; you didn't even attempt logic. The reason "proggies" are insisting the company they work for (not the boss) subsidize (not pay for, there's a difference) birth control is because it's part of a woman's overall health, therefore should be covered just like any other medical need would be covered. Like any other medical need, the details should only be known by doctor and patient. Say I want a vasectomy. Just because I want my workplace to subsidize the insurance that will pay for the procedure, I shouldn't (and in actually, don't) need my company's approval, consent, or foreknowledge. See how that works? Now, as far as logic, I'm not sure someone who only vomits up what they just read is qualified to determine what a logical "strong ppoint" is.
If facts matter, why aren't the 16 types of birth control that they cover in this article? Is it that you don't know or don't care? Facts matter, remember?
I love coming to townhall and reading the comments. You're all so afraid of liberal bogeymen, it's quite amusing. This article is too. This Watters guy was trespassing. If someone from, say, Mother Jones were escorted by police off the Bundy Ranch, you guys would cheer. But this guy is on your team (or so you think), so it's ok when he trespasses. You guys are funny.
That's moronic. He's a communist. The state is officially atheist.
FWIW, there is no freedom of speech in the UK. The things said of Obama here on a daily basis would be grounds for sedition charges in the UK if they were said about the Queen. There is also A LOT more surveillance. If any American barbers are reading this, please put this poster up in your shop, it's hilarious! You'll get my business!
I love Katherine Timpf! She's such a funny comedian! http://www.katherinetimpf.com/#!comedy/cgsd
You're not even making sense. One is dead and the other one will be dead soon enough. But instead of a stupid argument, explain what the Boston Bombers have to do with this. Assume I'm stupid, I'm fine with that. But explain, if you can.
Good. No special exceptions. Back of the line like everyone else.
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