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Ex-CIA Officer: Yes, Harsh Interrogations Helped Us Nail Bin Laden

Guy Benson Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 2:56 PM
Thousands of our military and intelligence personnel do exactly that as part of their training. Are we torturing our own people? Or did you only write this to take a shot at Sean Hannity? I can't imagine...
Swimware Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 4:19 PM
Lois prefers other things squirted on her face.
lois01 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 4:06 PM
no; I prefer to avoid torture.
DevinDenver Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 3:42 PM
lois01 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 3:24 PM
yes; taking a shot an Sean who said Waterboarding was NOT torture and that he would prove it. There's so much to rip on about Sean but this is by far my favorite; Christopher Hitchens did it - why can't the Hannity?
Swimware Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 3:04 PM
Cool. Pwned by Guy himself. Love it.

This doesn't quite qualify as breaking news for those who tracked the extraordinary labyrinth of intelligence that emerged in the days following the 2011 Abbottabad raid, but the subject of US interrogation policy is again generating controversy in advance of the release of 'Zero Dark Thirty,' a film that dramatizes the bin Laden mission.  Writing in today's Washington Post, a former top CIA counter-terrorism officer sets the record straight on what measures were, and were not, employed to help bring down the world's most infamous terrorist.  Jose Rodriguez -- who made headlines last year when