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I have no idea what she's talking about. I don't know of any conservatives who like Putin.
TX, you have it right. Dave, I do consider Christie to be a likely frontrunner, but I'm not going to reflexively defend a politician when I don't have all the facts. My two updates provide even more context and facts that add to my skepticism over the mayor's claims.
I've written about the GOP collapse for two straight days. Any interest in defending this utter BS from the Obama administration. You know, the topic of this post you're commenting on?
In what way? I stand by my point that the GOP should not filibuster its own bill or shut down the government over Obamacare defunding. I can admire Cruz's passion and principle, while disagreeing with his preferred tactics.
Problem: Our message is, "listen to Cruz's lengthy filibuster and listen to the procedural explanation for why he's doing it." Theirs is, "Republicans are filibustering their own idea. They're crazy & unreasonable, and are shutting down the gov't." Guess who wins that one?
Thank you, and Go 'Cats! Also, CC isn't my first choice in '16.
Thanks so much. To be clear, I was an intern 11 years ago...wasn't on air!
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