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Two Encouraging Facts

guy94 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 9:06 AM
why should this nation, or any nation, cater to the lowest denominator of non-productive, non tax paying citizens...why is there so much concern expressed for those who have consistently refused to attend school, pay attention in class, try to achieve in free housing, with free food, free cash income, free phones, etc. 2500 wealth transfer programs at last count. this ilk should not determine any voter outcome.

Here in the northeast, some storm-ravaged Romney supporters have started worrying that the tightening polls may signify an Obama win.

Could be, of course.

But there are two encouraging facts:

(1) Michael Barone -- author of the Almanac of American Politics and one of the best analysts out there -- predicts a sizable Romney victory (

(2) Crowds at the Romney rally in Ohio are enormous. That, in itself, of course is not predictive, but it does signify great enthusiasm, which is key to victory. Here's the pic:

If the hurricane response -- down to even the fact that...