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I think what the writers of the Constitution did not foresee is the that our nation's news media would be always fighting "tooth and nail" to support and protect the government bureaucracy. Most people rely on the T.V. to find out what's happening. They have to spend so much time just making a living. Plus the bureaucracy dishes out so many hand-outs, that they have won over a large portion of our population. Socialism breeds passivity.
Businesses fail every day because they haven’t accurately foreseen how the market place will react to the product they are offering. Building up a successful business is never easy, and the losers far outnumber the winners. Do we really believe that government bureaucrats, with no business experience, whose track record lists digging our country into a 17 Trillion Dollar National Debt Hole, can build an airplane that will fly without crashing. Our President has said that Government built this country- not business. We will see.
Democrats experimented with a new "Pin-The-Tale-On-The-Donkey" strategy of lawmaking by voting laws for us they hadn't read yet. Now that we see what is in it, shouldn't it be called back to vote on it again? I think really the best time for our Representatives to vote yes or no on a law for us to obey is after what they know what it is all about.
You got it! I heard a study reported on Bloomberg radio that followed where the "economic stimulus" money pumped in by Washington in 2009, actually ended up: the funds earmarked for "Infrastructure" somehow found their way into propping up the troubled pension funds of States and Municipalities.
Democrats unanimously voted Obama Care into law trying out a new "PIN-THE-TAIL-ON-THE-DONKEY" style of legislation: voting in laws before understanding them, or even reading them. So many new problems have been exposed as the real Obama Care gets unveiled, and brought into the light, one has to ask, "Would Obama Care pass now if it were brought up for a vote, now that we know a little more of what’s really in it, as well as knowing more about its implications for jobs and the economy ?" Isn't this actually the best time to have a vote on a law: AFTER our representatives know what's in it? Why "throw good money after bad"? … To save a politician's skin? Why not try thinking about the American People as the first priority for a change? Lest we forget, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LAWS HERE that the American People MUST OBEY, from which they can be fined, or even put into jail if they don't obey them. We don't need any more "PIN-THE-TAIL-ON-THE-DONKEY" Laws. Rescind the law completely, and bring it back for a vote after its website has been tested, ready, and proven to work- and AFTER coverage cost tables are printed and available. We should be able to go into a table with family size rows on the left, deductible choices across the top, and discover our cost. Simply put: FULL TRANSPARENCY BEFORE IT BECOMES LAW.
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Million Engineers Struggling to Find a Job

GUY92 Wrote: Jun 23, 2013 11:01 AM
Jim Rodgers says that the average age of Farmers in America is 58, and the replacement pipeline is empty. At the same time we have Agribusiness busy lobbying Congress to hide GMO ingredients from being labeled as such. Perot said you first have to find what interests you, then don't be afraid to start at the bottom. Learning the basics brings the data and understanding to innovate. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. The good news is that the computer puts powerful tools of advertising and marketing in the hands of the little guy. You can now do things that only big corporations could do in the past. Will somebody figure out how to make a light bulb that lasts more that a few minutes. They used to last years.
"Parents are allowing television and video games to increasingly babysit their children, even though both have become full of gratuitous violence." Boy, have I seen this. As a re-decorator for 25 years, while working in peoples homes, I see that kids LIVE in front of the T.V. or Video Game Screen. So, I can't doubt the incredible statistic I heard on the radio news: "THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CHILD, BY THE TIME THEY ARE 18 YEARS OLD HAS SPENT 6 YEARS WATCHING TELEVISION."
Spread the word- send a link to this important article out to friends, and ask them to do the same. Too many are unaware that this is going on.
Let's start a chain letter by sending this article out to as many people as we can. And ask everyone who receives it to do the same. This article explains how voter fraud is done, and Republicans as well as most Democrats are unaware of how easy it is. Just right click on the address bar at the top, and hit 'copy'. Then paste it into an email. WE CAN DO IT ! Also anyone who reads this, post a version of this idea again, so it stays near the top of the comments.
O.K. You're right. But why not eliminate potential voter fraud. It can be done without any discrimination in today's hi-tech world. The Democrats, for some reason always oppose this. How about you ?
How do you explain 100%+ voter turnout in big city Democrat precincts, which routinely happens in each important election ? I'd really like to hear your explanation.
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