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Obama is a member of isis
Elected Twice ? It's pretty much Proven the elections were Fraudulent. People voting 14 times, him getting 153 % on a States votes, So YOU would rather our money be spent by Obama to golf, send 10 year old daughters & a Dozen friends-with Secret Service to Resorts for a 10 year olds Spring Break, Fly a Dog hey FORGOT on vacation with Secret Service, And of course sending money to his brother to forward to his muslim brothers. Republicans with Never Forgive him turning or Country into Socialism, And Destroying our Country, Bankrupting the U S A. Spending Millions to bring in illegal aliens, for more Socialists Votes.
Are you sure, it's not Reagans Fault ? Or the NRA ?
The V A where I live, (PA.)doesn't actually do anything but take blood. It was established for the Politicians, to say that our County had one. You then are sent to the one 70 miles away, It takes two months to get an appointment.
Carney should also be in Prison. At the very least he is an accomplice.
it's about making people dependent on the government.
obama got that idea from Hitler, he did the same thing.
But it IS their DUTY & OBLIGATION to refuse illegal orders.
Get another job, 40 hours per week. Most people have to work over time. Learn a Skilled job.
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Punk Rockers Knock Christmas

gutterfalcon Wrote: Dec 21, 2013 8:44 AM
This band is so successful too. I've Never heard of them.
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