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Israel is America's Shield

Gus85 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 1:01 PM
This article is the most scary and chilling I have read in a while.... the war drums beat... the amydala ( look it up ) reigns.... fire and brimstone will rain down up on us all... Please stop , all you warmongers.... it will end badly. And you are creating it. 99guspuppet
Editor's Note: This column was coauthored by Bob Morrison.

We are used to hearing that America defends Israel. President Obama assures Israel that he has their back. That may be convincing talk in the `hood, but it rings hollow from this invertebrate administration to talk about anyone's back. Actually, we may have all that backward. It may well be that Israel that is defending us. Israel may yet prove America's Shield.

All the usual chin-pullers and deep thinkers are warning of the parade of horribles that will descend on the world if Israel strikes Iran to prevent...