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Robots to Replace Women, Rule World?

Gunthorp Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 9:36 AM
First outsourcing then robotics caused manufacturing jobs to morph to service jobs. Now service jobs are being outsourced. When robotics finally replace the remaining service jobs, will all workers have to go on disability? If robots can diagnose disease, they soon may become surgeons, and eventually staff the death panel.

I have been collecting links on robots and the roles they play in manufacturing, fashion, and even writing sports updates of major league games.

Let's take a look at some of them starting with an article in yesterday's New York Times, Skilled Work, Without the Worker.

Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

While the many robots in auto factories typically perform only one function, in the new Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif., a robot might do up to four: welding,...