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Joe Biden's Debate Lies on Libya

gunsngrits Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 6:55 AM
So you're saying pay for an abortion rather than a photo?
gunsngrits Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:50 AM
Thanks sdeal, I can't understand the pride the left takes in killing our children.
sdeal Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:28 AM
Thanks, Gunsgrits....I wasn't going to be as gracious to K as you were. although I repsect the right of a person to create a strawman argument there comes a time you confront the did it with grace!

DANVILLE, KY - Straight out of the gates tonight in Danville, debate moderator Martha Raddatz asked about the ongoing cover-up of the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Vice President Joe Biden immediately started lying about the situation, as the Obama administration and the Obama campaign have done since day one.

1. Biden said extra security was not requested. Documents, State Department cables and Congressional testimony just this week show more security for the consulate in Benghazi was requested as early as March 2012. All three also showed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens received death threats from Al...