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The Moral Left > Corrupt Right Just relax and let the Moral Left do what's right for the country. It's time to forge a new path with new policies to build that Shinning City on a Hill that Dutch Reagan dreamed about. President Obama and the Moral Left will get us to that dream.
I didn't realize Hitler ran for office in 2012.
After the landslide in the 2012 election, there is no longer any need to compromise with cowards. The NRA, Mitch McConnel, John Boehner, and crew need to go away. America spoke loud and clear it has ZERO interest in Republican's twisted and immoral policies.
Confirmed: ObamaCare is awesome and the best thing to happen to this nation since the Constitution. Mitt Romney lost!!! Obama IS the President...
I didn't realize was still in business after conservatives got their little hinnies kicked in the election last month.
Bob Costas is a true American patriot and a hero... He speaks the truth!
Wal-Mart has destroyed the lives of its workers. Good for these poor exploited individuals to fight back against the Evil Empire.
I think free gov-ment caviar should be next after cheese comes back.
I hope so many Wal-Mart workers strike that the evil empire has to shut fown for Black Friday. I want to see Wal-Mart go the way of Hostess.
No, we blame a group of bad men in Libya. It's you and the conservatives who are blaming the wrong person.
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