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then where did his kids come from? oh, yeah, guatemala. check their backs for dampness.
and how is this a surprise?
well, let's see. three teen age Israeli boys murdered, suicide bombers, rocket attacks on civilians, entire family from parents to children butchered etc etc etc etc. i'm surprised the israelis haven't wiped this barberic scum from the face of the earth. admirable restraint. i'd have told the UN and US to go screw themselves.
all i can think about is my neighbor's teen age redheaded daughter.
pretty lonely aren't you?
they only resent it if they don't do it.
for the free ride of course.
Ladies? ha! according to democrats you broads are just sperm banks to be used for political gain.
if more of you broads would keep your legs closed,,,,, ah but what am i saying?
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