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vokin engles man! (Africaans) Considering the british were the first in history to implement the use of concentration camps 30 years before Adolf Hittler in South Africa to the point my wife and most european south african decendents have genetic birth defects to this day,......I am not surprised the branch didn't fall very far from the tree!
Are you uneducated? 1st: Everyone here knows you work for a liberal org tasked with swaying public opinion towards the lefts treasonous position. 2nd An accomplished marksman is way more effective shooting in a semi-automatic platform than a fully automatic platform. In warfare the only reason one should waste ammunition in a fully automatic mode is to lay down maximum suppressive fire to allow for a maneuver or retreat by forcing the enemy to seek cover. Anyone with a minimal amount of weapons knoweldge can tell you that shooting in full auto is inaccurate and near impossible to place a shoot on target considering the recoil!
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NRA Slams Biden Meeting

gunnyusmcromano Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 9:41 AM
It's not going to happen. The states have the rights to regulate how guns are sold and transfered. They can't take away firearms that are already owned. Whatever executive order that is given will be nullified by individuals and states not complying and will eventually be struck down by the supreme court so this gun control narative is a joke.
They are not going to be able to take away existing firearms. They will not be able to stop private firearms sales as states have the right to decide how this is done. And on top of that I was at the nations gun show the last two times and no one there sells a firearm without a background check that is performed by fairfax county police in the office at the front of the expo center. Private sales do happen but they are forbiden outside of the venue and are encouraged to take place inside of the show. What the heck are they talking about gunshow loop hole? Private sales of firearms over the internet should not be regulated as they are already monitered by the ATF and we also have a 4th amendment right to privacy from government intrusion.
@ J.33 Love the sarcasm man!
If she shoots half as good as my wife it shouldn't be a problem.
If she shoots half as good as my wife it shouldn't be a problem.
Bet you spend alot of time playing that fantasy out at strip clubs?
@ Rep You need to lay off the free-basing it's frying your brain cells!
Sedition comming from a foreign born citizen who parents are not both U.S. citizens by birth. Treason and sedition both apply in this contex.
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