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That goes without saying (so why bother saying it).
Actually, Mikey is a 'Republican in Name Only' (RINO).
Anyway you look at'em, their all crooks at the end of the day. They get the Roast Beef, we get the Fat.
Screw Illinois, Their a lost cause by now, But, "Indiana the state just South of", How about the state 'Due East' of Illinois, our entire Western Border is the state of Illinois.
At least make them pay his ammunition cost.
This sounds like a story right out of England, the 'good guy' is the criminal.
The Great Carnak says 'I see a very big Lawsuit on the Horizon'.
Every time I hear 'It's for the Children', makes me want to grab a 'barf bag'!
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The Last Stand of the Redskins

GunnerV1 Wrote: Oct 19, 2013 6:16 AM
Stand and fight, it's your team and your right to name it what ever you want. Don't back down.
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Walmart is More Valuable than Uncle Sam

GunnerV1 Wrote: Oct 01, 2013 4:59 AM
The Federal Gov't produces nothing other than impediments to good order. If the Federal Gov't was run as a Biz. they would be in Bankruptcy within the week. I would love to see the IPO for this Biz. and being a "Public Owned" Corp. we could fire the whole lot, from the CEO down to the last Office Boy.
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