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More BS from a different mouth.
Your "Sarcasm Font" was still turned on and I enjoyed it!
I remember the old 'tag-line" from some Liberal talk show as being "All things being Equal...". At the time I was young (and Dumb), now that I'm older (and wiser), I gave that tag line a little thought. In order to Equalize any given thing, you have to "take away" from the top and "Give" to the bottom in order to make an Average. In that type of action, nobody wins, not even the bottom, that was given to, they have no sense of "earning" the position and the top starts thinking "what's the point of hard work" if it's just going to be taken away and given to someone else because of their Skin Color and/or Sex (or lack of). I'm "Old School", you "Earn" your position. Those whom it is just given to them have less respect for something they didn't earn.
Well, Mr Prez. Is it going to be a "War Crime", A "Hate Crime", A "Workplace Violence" Crime or just an "Ordinary" Crime, Conducted by an Islamic Religion of Peace Perpetrator? Their "Boots are on our Ground" already.
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Favors and Loot for Sale

GunnerV1 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 10:48 AM
But don't forget, these rules apply to BOTH parties. Both parties are free to collect and spend the contributions from individuals and corporations. Both parties have some Heavy Hitters, GOP with the Koch Brothers, Dems with George Soros and Mike Bloomberg.
...and then she found how much it was going to cost the county in fines that they would have to pay out after being threatened to tank them to court (would have been a "Slam Dunk" loss)
I always did think that as "NJ which is a threat to public safety".
It's about damn time that the People of California got some "good news".
Wait until you need one and they "pull your bacon out of the fire", will you feel the same way? My rule of thumb, 'Don't put yourself in a situation that you will need one', and my Daughter (The ADA) agrees.
Or you could go into "Public Service" (Federal/State/Local Government). My Daughter (an ADA), if she stays with her current Employer (Local, Mid-West) for 10 years, they will pay for her Grad School bill, can't beat that with a stick.
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