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For Some Democrats, Bush Is To Blame-Forever And Ever

Gunner20 Wrote: May 23, 2012 9:35 AM
For some reason Presidential politics in this country has taken on the atmosphere of a College sports event with each side committed to the life or death struggle of their team against the opposition. That is the worst way for Americans to choose a new President and Administration, but it is encouraged, especially by the Democratic Party since most registered voters sit in their section of the stands. Americans need to reconsider their "sporting-event" attitude toward presidential elections and pay more attention to the important issues, and less to the Rah-Rah for our side that appears to dominate many peoples thinking today.

In the early days of the Obama administration, a lot of people, including some Republicans, weren't much bothered by the new president's tendency to blame his predecessor for the nation's problems. After all, Barack Obama did inherit a mess from George W. Bush. The voters were inclined to give Obama time to turn things around.

But how much time? Certainly a year was reasonable. And so, as Obama's one-year mark approached in 2010, many political analysts assumed he would stop blaming Bush for the nation's woes. The conversation would change from the problems Obama inherited to the effectiveness of his efforts...