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Will a Weakened American Character Defeat Paul Ryan?

gungy Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 1:53 PM
Original Tool, There is no such thing as the "Democratic" Party. It's the Democrats. Nobody Says "I am a Democratic." or "I am a Republic." "Democratic party" is vile English usage. You are a member of the Democrat Party not the Democratic Party. Or, to be more correct, "The Demogogic Party."

The Republican vice-presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, is the Democrats' political version of the Anti-Christ. He believes in self-reliance; the left believes in reliance on the state. His moral values are shaped by religion (Catholicism); the left is frightened by religious Christian politicians (and athletes, and members of the armed forces, and talk show hosts, and, for that matter, clergy). He believes in individualism; the left believes in collectivism. He believes in small government and powerful citizens; the left believes in large government and dependent citizens.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party claims to be overjoyed at his selection as the...