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Restraining Arizona, Unleashing the President

gungy Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 1:44 PM
Roberts killed not only individual sovreignty this week, the power of a person to make his own decisions, but the sovreignty of the states to keep their people secure in their homes and property. He has officially crowned the dictator, America's first absoulte monarch since George III.

The legislation created two conflicts that rose to the national stage. The first is whether any government may morally and legally interfere with freedom of association based on the birthplace of the person with whom one chooses to associate. The second is whether the states can enforce federal law in a manner different from that of the feds.

Regrettably, in addressing all of this earlier in the week, the Supreme Court overlooked the natural and fundamental freedom to associate. It is a natural right because it stems from the better nature of our humanity, and it is a fundamental...