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Missouri Senate Race Model For the Nation

gungy Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 2:36 PM
If Akin is actually pulling ahead it can only mean one thing--Romney is further ahead than we think and he's got coattails. Just beware of Democrat dirty tricks in late October. Gloria Allred is planning something according to the Blaze. What they did to Herman Cain (I think Cain was innocent btw) they will try and do to Romney. It can be completely fabricated like Reid's perjury over Romney taxes but they will try it. It's endgame time.
togubin Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 4:00 PM
If Cain were innocent, he would have stayed in the race.

I like Herman Cain, and he was my choice after Bachmann dropped. Nonetheless, it is next to impossible for me to believe that he was "friends" for years with some woman who his wife knew nothing about.

He almost certainly got out because of the basic truth of the accusations against him -- ie, he was not completely faithful to his wife.

Even Christians sin. He was almost certainly guilty as charged.

A new poll from Wenzel Strategies shows Rep. Todd Akin leading incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in the race for the Senate seat in Missouri.

It’s big news that Akin is still alive and kicking despite being abandoned by the national Republican Party leadership.

Akin, who refused to succumb to pressure from his own party leadership to get out of the race after poorly expressing himself in an interview on the issue of rape and abortion, has been left to his own resources and friends to raise funds.

According to the just published fundraising report for the last quarter, going through...