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I feel the same way about California.
If Jeb Bush appears on my ballot in 2016 he won't get my vote. Period. I'll write in Gowdy, Cruz or Carson.
This is an example of why Obama doesn't care about the massive voter rejection of him, his policies, his belief system and his party. (1) He knows he can rule by decree and nobody will stand in his way including Republicans (2) Boehner showed that despite said massive victory at the polls, he will make sure Obama gets what he wants: amnesty and Obamacare, as long as his Chamber of Commerce buddies and Wall St get what they want. Boehner has castrated the new Congress. (3) If a RINO like Jeb Bush is elected to succeed him, he knows the Republicans will do nothing to reverse any of his EOs. We are rapidly turning into Venezuela and I'm almost tempted to think Obama won't leave office quietly except he'd have to deal with the Clintons and he doesn't want to wind up like Vince Foster.
Unfortunately, second and third generations Cuban-Americans all vote Democrat.
You are ignorant. There are six LAWS OF THE LAND passed by Congress , ALL IN EFFECT, upheld by all prior Presidents that prohibit what Obama just did. Treaties don't mean anything unless ratified by the Senate. Why don't you go to N Korea ericanoclue. You'd be much happier there.
You mean the terrified liberals afraid to offend KJU? That's your side, idiot.
Probably so. Putin wants it back.
Once again Il Duce has violated the law, in this case no less than six (6) laws passed by Congress and supported by every President since 1960. But the UN doesn't like the embargo and Obama is there to execute the wishes of the UN.
"after someone complained." How come this never works the other way? Public schools indoctrinate kids into the wonder of Islam One of many examples. Parents complain. Doesn't do a bit of good.
"consitutionally indefensible to defend a position against it, " Yes, I'm sure the Founders had exactly that in mind when they drafted the Constitution. I'm sure sibling marriage will be next in line. You really are an idiot.
Excellent post. ^5
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