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He is a complete phony. To take one very small but very significant example, if he had been a Republican, the press, a real press, would have investigated those almost routine fake "faintings" at his rallies, always a woman, always up front, always the same script, calling for water and Obama "taking charge" acting like an EMP. Entirely staged. He even resorted to it in the Rose Garden once. Should have been exposed as the fakery it was.
And balkanization of a once united country into disparate ethnic and social groups--all united, when united at all, against whitey. And the gloves are off. No longer even covert. In the last month we saw openly nazi-like marches in our cities against Israel, even carrying signs saying "Hitler was right." They don't even apologize. Muslims, blacks, hispanics, asians and even communist-inspired jews saluted those colors. If Obama declared martial law tomorrow (not that he will, he believes in the gradual subtle approach) they would cheer.
Immigrants, legal and illegal, from other non-European countries, no, strike that, ALL countries no longer assimilate. They bring their authoritarian state views with them and believe in the government as a parent. They are uncomfortable with democracy and want to be "taken care of." It's the same in Europe, muslim immigrants expect the countries they go to to cater to them and change to suit them. Same with Hispanics. You even get sued, ostracized, or fired if you suggest they ought to be speaking English. They are very happy with and prefer the "great father" in Washington to feed, house, clothe them., and tell them what it is politically correct to think. It's the basis of "fundamental transformation." It's what Obama and the Democrat Party meant by that term.
I've said this for years. And the second part is scarier than the first. Nixon believed he was above the law, Obama and Holder believe they ARE the law.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Remember when the press actually practiced unbiased journalism and held Presidents accouuntable. Of course, for the last 40-50 years that only applies to GOP politicos. A Pravda DNC press is how you turn this country into a dictatorship.
Heil Obama!!! The Fuehrer leads us!
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Bye-Bye Burger King: High Taxes to Blame

gungy Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 2:50 PM
Burger King got intimidated and backed off. They're not moving. Too bad.
The dominant party by definition can do no wrong. You saw it in the USSR, Nazi Germany, and China, and the communist Eastern Bloc, and in fascist Italy. We are going in that direction. In fact, the concrete is already drying. Only a social jackhammer will break it up.
Asians overwhelmingly voted for Obama last time. They are waking up to the fact that there's money and notoriety to be made race hustling. They want their cut. What Malkin is describing is the gradual process of a country (us) evolving into a totalitarian state and a one party system. Democrats can do no wrong, fault and attacks are only for the other party. Gradually that party becomes socially unacceptable and you have, if not in law, a de facto totalitarian dictatorship in which "The Party" controls all thought and action..
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