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Another Tea Party Terrorist Smear

gungy Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:54 PM
It's also a huge distraction from the floundering campaign of Obama and the ever-worsening economy. You may be on to something but the leftwing media have no Woodward and Bernstein for Democrats and progs.

The so-called prestige media have built this arrogant sense of professionalism around themselves. They are not just fair and objective, they're also accurate. The great amateurish unwashed shouldn't sit at keyboards in their pajamas and attempt the marvelous feats that only they perform.

But when these reporters see an opportunity to discredit conservatives, all that goes out the window.

Shortly after the Batman premiere began at midnight in Aurora, Colo., (Mountain time), police say James Holmes opened fire in a crowded theater, killing 12 and wounding many more. Six hours later, early in the second hour of "Good...