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Funny that the lefties here are blasting about a bill in the Senate that discriminates against gays. Democrat Harry Reid controls what bills get voted on in the Senate. Why would he put a bill up for vote that discriminates against gays? Why would the gay lobby look at this as an attempt by 'Republicans'? All smoke and mirrors to take your attention from the fact that the entire Democratic Party lied to America about ObamaCare in order to get it passed.
It's all Bush's fault.
Watch the stock market tank after this news.
This really could be George W. Bush's fault.
Harry says "The American People want us to get something done." Hey Harry, how about passing a budget you tool?
So when Obama changes positions it's evolving and when Romney changes positions it's flip-flopping. OK I get it now. You liberals sure are gullible.
Gary Patriot - You are a Kool-Aid drinking fool. The GM and Chrysler bailout cost the taxpayers over $18 BILLION that will never be paid back to the taxpayers. Not to mention that the 'bailout' didn't even WORK. They STILL had to file for Bankruptcy. The only difference between Romney's advice and Obama's action is that Obama was able to make the UNIONS the owner of GM and supply the UNIONS with $18 BILLION to spend in his re-election effort. Smart politics? Maybe. But still very difficult for most Americans to swallow. I myself, will NEVER buy another GM car for the way that they screwed up the company, then screwed non-union workers.
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Romney's in a Sweet Spot if . . .

GuitarManG Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 8:17 AM
All the people who are saying that Romney will NEVER unite the GOP are either (a. Dem/Liberal plants trying to fake influence or are (b. Not cognizant of the seriousness of those who don't want nObama under ANY circumstance. All things considered, Romney will look like Reagan when compared with nObama.
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