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The Future of NATO

guitardude57 Wrote: May 19, 2012 10:06 AM
The connection? NATO falls away from the original intent and merits... into a club where agendas outside the original intent, becomes changed because of outside influences. It is not what it was. Very dangerous. If we were to have a situation, where the American people had to stop our own tyranny, who do you think NATO would go after? The tyrants, or us? The UN is even more of a clusterf#*!... an HOA like nightmare that needs to leave our shores... and us out of it. Pure and simple, a money sucking organization that knows better than us on how we should live, and condemns our Rights and Freedoms. Screw them both ...un and nato ...

This weekend, the heads of state for the member nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will gather in Chicago to discuss its future. As someone who has served both as a Member of Congress and as a soldier under NATO command in Afghanistan, I have a unique perspective on NATO’s role and future.

NATO is history’s most enduring military alliance. Originally formed after World War II, NATO was designed to thwart the communist aggression embodied by the former Soviet Union in Europe. This objective has been achieved.

While NATO’s original anti-Soviet mission may have been fulfilled, the organization now...

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