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Do You Support “Anyone But Obama”?

guitardude57 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 10:37 AM
Interesting, that we are at a crossroads that would have been prevented, before they started... if JFK hadn't been killed. If FDR would not have run back to Rothschild, (whom caused the financial collapse and the depression) and further destroy any possibility to recover on our terms. We wouldn't be where we are. Now with BO being placed in the position of further destroying us, the choice to fix our problems is ours. Romney or anyone that tries to push for govt intervention against the Constitutional law, control over any public or private business is obviously a wrong choice again. Any form of Bozo-care is wrong. It isn't their job to do so... or create jobs, or to help their friends over the American people.
guitardude57 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 10:44 AM
With Romney it will be biz as usual. Ron Paul is the only one I have seen in the last 50 years, that truly has the right plan to clean house on these bas@#*ds. Of course this would be a precarious position to be in. To be at the fore front of a People's choice to remove from power all the idiots that control us.
Imagine if the people under Chavez took back their country. We aren't far behind that kind of heinous control. Why do you think the homeland gestapo ordered all that ammunition? Another illegal op prepared to protect an illegal govt.

Let’s assume that you stridently oppose the reelection of President Obama but you are just not sold on Governor Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate. Do you vote for Romney, since “anyone is better than Obama,” or do you chart a very different course, even sacrificing this election for the long term sake of the country?

Obama’s critics would tell us that we simply cannot afford four more years of his presidency, that his policies are destroying the very fabric of what makes America great, that he is undermining the economy, weakening the military, hurting us internationally, waging war against the...