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Learn From History

guitardude57 Wrote: May 09, 2013 7:07 AM
Another great disappointment. I cannot imagine that they just forget to teach American History in school. I still remember my history classes from over 40 years ago. Maybe whomever decides the class content in schools now, is continuing the "dumb-down" of education quite intentionally, to remove our heritage and history... That way is their way, to prevent a whole generation from building any Patriotic mindsets. Great way to insure less of a struggle, to the powers that be, in our destruction. Pretty sad. History teaches us to not repeat ignorance of historic events... because they repeat.
As far as I'm concerned, the DHS is an illegal govt agency, design to unconstitutionally protect the fed govt. I heard about the (closer to 2 billion) ammo P.O's and stock pile, over a year ago. Between rex 84, and the "wolf in sheep's clothing" agencies, people better wake up to what will happen. Many of the mass shootings that have and will occur, are fear factor orchestrations to directly tear at the 2nd Amendment. Imagine Red Dawn... but they really knew it was going to happen. No false alarms here, or surprises. We do have a voice, if we use it before it is too late.
Nothing wrong with making a decent living doing the longshoreman trip. What is wrong, the additional money into folks pockets that hold them hostage. Half the country voted for BO... what can you do about it now?
That is ridiculous. The 2nd Amendment is there to provide security from a tyrannical govt rising over the people. To make stipulations in what can be used by us as a deterrent/defense, makes as much sense as playing Wheel of Fortune with 14 letters..... Come on now!
This history is a powerful lesson to anyone that doesn't know it. For some of us, it is preaching to the choir. These days, this history lesson must brought up time and again, to validate who is working for whom. We now have a govt that feels it can operate all business and infrastructure better than any of us... and is commanding to do so. You and I both know what our Fore Fathers would do about this travesty we witness now. It is time for America to wake up.
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GR8, Obama Is Texting Me

guitardude57 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 10:43 AM
at the end of a rope....
We could remove half of the federal govt, and it would still be too fat...
I bet all the dead people that voted for BO, will enjoy more govt control in their lives too. It is not the govt's job to do any of this; run airlines, make cars, control and run insurance, create jobs, extort money from states, take over utilities and resources and sell them to foreign countries or companies, allow foreign countries and bankers to control and regulate our currency, manipulate wall street, make a profit behind the curtain.. and then tell us they run everything from taxes, make a career from public service... etc etc. And we let them. Time for this to stop.
Apparently the judge has a psych drug issue going on... for seizures. I think with this kind of decision making ineptitude, it is time for him to retire. As soon as Romney gets in there.
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