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Put Prospective Gun Owners Under The Microscope

GTA Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 10:31 AM
Is this column an exercise in sarcastic humor? Has Rachel forgotten the details of the crime giving rise to the current discussion? Rachel, would you just swallow your pride and sit there while Adam Lanza gunned you and your loved ones down? Many criminals want far more than your money. They want to rape, beat, torture, and kill. Swallowing one's pride does not work in that situation. Presuming criminals to be rational human beings who have simply chosen an illegal way to earn a living is VERY dangerous.

PARIS -- Anyone who can't withstand a rational debate on the subject of gun control -- particularly in light of last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut -- should be automatically prohibited from ever owning a firearm. In fact, this should be the number-one requirement of gun ownership: Can someone applying for ownership of a deadly weapon withstand an hour-long debate against someone in favor of gun control without resorting to physical or verbal assault?

Is it too much to ask that every person wanting to possess a firearm be subject to a battery of tests -- everything from...